Experimental Stock Portfolio #1: Profit Margin and Sales

The purpose of this blog post is to outline a strategy for picking stocks in the stock market. I believe in selecting outstanding performing stocks and applying engineering principles to determine undervalued stocks. By selecting these stocks which drastically outperform their peers on the S & P 500, it is believed that a higher rate of return will be realized. To track the effectiveness of this strategy, the following portfolio is created using Google Finance Portfolio.

  1. Deposit $10,000,000 into a new google finance portfolio (I titled mine “Profit Margin and Sales”)
  2. View the www.Finviz.com S & P 500 Chart sorted by Profit Margin [Y axis] and Sales [X axis]
  3. Choose 10 stocks that have both a high profit margin and high sales. These are the most profitable and highest volume companies listed on the S & P 500.

This stock portfolio will be tracked and benchmarked against the S & P 500 to determine the quality of this stock picking strategy.

ATTENTION: Download Portfolio created by following this strategy on 10/20/2015. Profit Margin and Sales Portfolio October 20 2015